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I have a 12-week old baby girl, Ella. She is 100% breastfed and is an excellent sleeper. I put her down between 6:30 & 7pm and typically, she doesn't wake until 7am. (On a side note, Daylight Savings is really putting a damper on my day - she wants to go down at 5:30 or so). I know I am very lucky that she sleeps well.

Anyway, over the past week, she is still sleeping well at night, but during the day is miserable. Drooling is in overdrive - she is constantly biting her fingers and I think I see a tooth on the bottom right through her gums. She does not have a fever. She is not the same baby I know and love. She is either napping or screaming or nursing, just not very happy when she is awake.

Do you think she could be teething this early?

Thanks for all the advice!
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Her symptoms certainly sound like teething! According to our pediatrician, babies start teething long before the teeth are actually visible in their gums, I think when they start pushing through the jawbone. This bothers some babies; others it doesn't bother at all. Also, IIRC some babies do get teeth as early as three months.

Those cold teething rings are always helpful during the daytime.
I also found Motrin worked much better than Tylenol when my first son was really uncomfortable.

Best of luck!


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All kids teethe at different ages. Anecdotally, the age seems to run in families. All of my kids had their first tooth by around 4 to 4 1/2 months of age. My friend's two kids, OTOH, each cut their first tooth at a year. So, sure, she could be teething.

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My youngest had two teeth at 3 months and a day. I don't know exactly when she got them because I was not looking for them - she was sucking on someone's finger, and they said, "Did you know she has 2 teeth?" Early teething does run in DH's family but not this early, until now.

It is difficult to comfort a baby who teethes this young. They can't hold teething rings in their mouths very well yet, and even if they could most of them are too big and heavy for their little hands and mouths. I looked very hard for a teething thing that was thin and light enough for her to try to hold and had mixed success. She might welcome chewing on a cool wet washcloth.

Good luck.
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Take a clean washcloth (regular or baby type), wet it and wring it out, fold it into a shape that she can fit in her mouth, and freeze it. The cold will help with any pain, and the washcloth itself will help with the drooling.

This always worked with my siblings, the kids I babysat, and the neighbor's kids more recently.

I'd also suggest frozen zweiback or melba toast, but I agree with the pp's comment about size and coordination at her age. So you may need to hold the washcloth for her at this point.

I've also seen some "Fresh Fruit pacifier" type things recently that might work for holding an ice cube she can suck on...depending on the shape of ice cubes you have. But those won't do anything for the drooling.

Just a couple of ideas. Good luck!

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