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Good afternoon,

Yesterday writing for our Fool Plate Special Brian Grany (TMF Panic) wrote an article about Grainger's earning warning that you may want to read.


" Substantial problems with the new ERP system led to
transaction processing slowdowns and outages, a killer for a business that relies on providing commercial customers with the goods whenever they need them. In the end, Grainger ended up conducting a physical count of its inventory, a costly, labor-intensive move and no small undertaking for a company that sells 81,000 kinds of maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) products from more than 1,000 different manufacturers. The costs drove operating expenses higher, wiping out any benefits the firm may have received from strong sales growth in December, which was driven in part by an expanding Internet business. "

Click on the following link to read full story:

You can also click on the news link above to read the company's press release.


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Thank you for the info I will check out the page.

Leon Rowell
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