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Long, arduous essay worth reading.

With the advent of Neoliberalism, we have witnessed the production and widespread adoption within many countries ... of economic Darwinsim. As a theater of cruelty and mode of public pedagogy, economic Darwinism removes economics and markets from the discourse of social obligations and social costs. ....

...As the language of privatization, deregulation, and commodification replaces the discourse of the  public good, all things public, including public schools, libraries, transportation systems, crucial infrastructures, and public services, are viewed either as a drain on the market or as a pathology. ....

...Individual prosperity becomes the greatest of social achievements because it allegedly drives innovation and creates jobs. At the same time, massive disparities in income and wealth are celebrated as a justification for a survival of the fittest ethic and homage to a ruthless mode of unbridled individualism. ....

The Disappearance of Public Intellectuals
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The Crisis of Education as a Public Good

Following is germane - pirated from Climate Change board. Suggests that each of us should "[t]ake [education] as a personal responsibility, or no-one will." Dismisses the fact that education has been firmly hijacked by neoliberalist ideology, that is not relenting!

Despite great strides in our understanding, the average person still does not understand science in the facts or in the practice, and instead fills the void with pseudoscience.

Learning to Think Critically
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