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Technologies opposed by environmentalists – fracking and genetic modification – have cut CO2 emissions to 20-yr. low

The use of less fuel in farming genetically modified crops results in less carbon-dioxide emission. In addition, herbicide-tolerant GM crops can often be grown with little or no plowing in stubble fields that are sprayed with herbicides. The result is to allow more carbon to remain in the soil, since plowing releases carbon as microbial exhalation. Taken together, Messrs. Brookes and Barfoot estimate [in their 2012 comprehensive study on GM crops], this means that the GM crops grown in 2010 had an effect on carbon-dioxide emissions equivalent to taking 8.6 million cars off the road.

There is a rich irony here. The rapidly growing use of shale gas in the U.S. has also driven down carbon-dioxide emissions by replacing coal in the generation of electricity. U.S. carbon emissions are falling so fast they are now back to levels last seen in the 1990s. So the two technologies most reliably and stridently opposed by the environmental movement - genetic modification and fracking - have been the two technologies that most reliably cut carbon emissions.

You ain't seen nothing yet. I heard that Germany is going to start burning a lot more coal because of a tsunami in Japan.

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Given the risks posed by GMOs, the increased cost of the herbicide and the fact that it becomes ineffectual after a few years... the basis of this little piece of disinformation that you are promoting is clearly false.

...or didn't you notice this little problem??

Your source certainly doesn't. Too busy banging the RWNJ drum.

...and Fracking? Just HOW much water does it need to use... and wasn't there something about a little.... incident... what was it... a DROUGHT, that's it. Caused shutdowns of some fracking operations.

This cheerleading for "bad-news for our planet" technologies is about as stupid as it gets.

Thanks for pointing it out though.
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