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Hey there !

Tastylunch mentioned earlier: Flossary is still young and a lot of the early work I believe went into just creating pages (TMFMrQuakerOats is a machine!)erecting a skeleton if you will, but many pages were/are fairly incomplete.

I was noticing as such. Over in "Catagorys A-Z: Agriculture: Archer Daniels Midland: Description:" there is none. Should we (like me) go to the ADM web site and copy a brief company description and paste it in?

By-the-way, I've been around the Fool for many, many years but was just recently asked to work with this Beta version of Flossary.

Rich (haywool)
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You can certainly add whatever you think is appropriate to any entry at this point (correct me if I say anything wrong TMFMoby), if you say something incorrect someone will likely fix it for you.


You shouldn't directly copy any information that isn't content.

In other words you can go to the ADM site and use it as a source but make sure you use your own words. If you want to copy a company description you can lift it out of CAPS I believe worry free.

Hope that helps Hayfool

Fool on
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Hi Rich. Welcome to Flossary!

Tastylunch nailed it. We can't legally use others' content. You can put anything you think will be useful to a reader as long as it is either yours or from the Fool. The only exception to this is content that comes directly from a newsletter recommendation.

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Hi Rich,

Thanks for asking ;) In addition to the other excellent advice, I'd add the following. Many Fools blog or have other content offsite from the Fool. They sometimes copy their own original work to our Websites. If you want to use your own original content from elsewhere, that's fine of course. Also, if you want to use another Fool's works from another site and have permission to do so, that's fine too.

In both cases, it's helpful to add a copyright notice and "Used by Permission" so readers and your poor overworked Copyright Agent (me) know that the usage is allowed, but it's still protected content.

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