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Edlybym: "It's interesting you mention leeching or parasiting off society."

It's a problem. When you kill incentive and initiatve, when you keep 80% of what people make, and redistribute it, sooner or later they realize they are supporting a bunch of leeches. Then they decide only enough to support themselves and not have to pay a lot of taxes.
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Ed" Since that's what the Right likes to say about those in poverty who pay little or no taxes but (gasp!) dare to use the social programs that the laws give them access to."

We now have at least 3 generations of welfare leeches and it gets worse. They know they will be taken care of. Get to be about 17, have a kid, go on welfare, get aid for dependent kids, don't marry the dad but live with him, so you get max benefits, live in Sec 8 housing. Not a great life, but, heck, you get by and don't have to work. The bum fathers are the same.

Your 3 generations of ever more assistance has just made the problem worse each generation. No need to get an education. It is frowned up. No reason to get a good paying job. You have 'sold out to the man' and everything else.

Ed:" Now we have some right-wingers bragging about paying zero taxes. "

Great. If they can do it legally, why not. WHo says you have to work your butt off, just to pay ever more amounts of taxes to support the leeches and silly government redistribution programs? I don't see that in the Constitution, do you? Isn't it life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I can be very happy NOT working 40 hours a week, living off my savings and SS.

Ed: " Well guess what? Police and Fire departments still need to get paid, and a public hospital will still pay patch you up if you get smashed by a car and wake up in the hospital."

Oh wow...left wing rant. I still pay taxes. I pay $5000/yr in real estate taxes that pays for the fire and police. Do you? Do the welfare leeches? And I have private insurance, for which I pay each month, so if I get in an accident, I am responsible for my bills. Do you? Does everyone?

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Ed: ".but when the right-wingers don't pay taxes, even if they pay zero taxes, they are "good people" but if a lower-income person does it, they are "bad, bad bad!""

I pay taxes. I pay real estate taxes. I try to not pay a whole lot of income taxes by working - I retired at 52.5....didn't need to earn more money and pay another half million in income taxes. Why? That didn't leave me time to 'pursue happiness'.

On the other hand, I don't expect handouts. I don't expect refundable tax credits. I got a job ...I worked 31 years. I saved prodigiously. My choice.

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Ed: "Let's use one yardstick, not two. If a person taking in $A in services and pays $B in taxes (and A includes the pay for their fire department and police even if they don't come to your home this year..) "

You are confused. Police and fire are paid for by real estate taxes, not income taxes.

- - - - - -

Ed: "and if B is less than A are they a leech? "

Three generations of welfare society with the problem getting worse year after year is the problem. You pay people not to work, they won't work.

Worse, you start taking bigger bites out of paychecks, soon people, business owners, and others realize the more they work, the less they make per hour. When you get to keep 30% on each dollar earned, it might not be worth it. When you expand your business, and it hits the next tax threshold, or get you whacked with gigantic health care costs...well, you might not decide to expand it, or make that extra money. Just kick back, keep it smaller, earn less, have more free time.

ED: "If the answer is "no" then the Right should get off it's high horse about it when it's a lower-income person, and this would take away more than half the soak-the-poor rambling tirades of the right, Rush, etc. If the answer is "yes" then they should apply the same to themselves and wear the same "leech" sticker on their vest and wear it with pride. One yardstick, not two, thank you very much."

SInce you are terribly confused about who pays for local services, and state services (in TX, the real estate taxes pay for the schools, the police, fire, ambulance, local social services - and the sales tax goes mostly to the state to pay for highway patrol, state functions, state social services - no income tax in TX).

Since, obviously, you are terribly confused about taxes, the rest of your rant is equally off base.

There is nothing that MANDATES I have to work my butt off to pay lots of extra income taxes to support 'less fortunate' people across the board - now getting to be 50% of the population who pays not a penny in income taxes. Nor give them refundable tax credits so they actually not only don't pay income taxes, but get thousands given to them as 'freebies' instead.

Obama started out on the right foot (pun intended) with 'make work, make pay' type programs, but the left wing of his party quickly highjacked it to more and more give aways....refundable tax credits.

Obama realizes you don't solve the intergenerational welfare problem, lack of education, lack of incentive, by ever increasing welfare transfer payments ........even you don't.

The biggest success stories were welfare reform where people actually HAD TO WORK to get benefits.

That only lasted a few years till the bleeding heart libs insisted we can't 'force' people to work, just pay them off to vote democratic instead.....

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