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I really do feel better when I have a 3 egg breakfast. It holds me over for hours.

But I do get burned out on them.

Today I tried mixing in some Spinach and Artichoke Dip (From Costco, $7.79 for a pint, 1 net carb for 2 tablespoons; 4 grams protein) into my scrambled eggs...not bad at all. Definitely perked them up a bit. Tasted much more like the dip, than egg.

The dip does want to stick to the pan, so use cooking spray or a non-stick pan. I melted the dip in the pan with some butter before adding the eggs. a bit of salt and pepper and voila.
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I had a sweet craving today so I made a jam and cream cheese omelet. Used Polander no sugar added jam with slivers of cream cheese, and a bit of stevia. Cooked in butter, of course.

Yum. Better than a cheese danish!

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That does sound good. Especially if made thin like a crepe.
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