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I found this on the AOL 'Castle Courtyard' board...a place for Disney folk to speak their mind. I requested permission from John to reprint it here and his response was 'As the song goes, be my guest'.
Presented for your perusal, wish I'd written it..

Sometimes two people at a party can just brush one another in passing and feel that fiery "spark" of attraction. It is a time when lust and romance overrule everything else. Time seems to stand still, the world outside fades away and all that matters is that you're together.

After time, that glow may fade, and little things that perhaps were always there, seem to grow glaringly big. A blemish begins to seem enormous. "He snores how cute" turns into "STOP THAT DAMNED SNORING". I believe the saying is "familiarity breeds contempt" .

Visiting The Kingdom of the Mouse isn't that different from a long love affair.

Your first time everything is bright colors and fireworks. Your head spins with excitement and you don't need to eat or sleep.

Your second time is almost as good as your first, perhaps even better, because your more comfortable.

Around your sixth time it is possible to start complaining about how much things cost and isn't as nice as it used to be.

Next thing you know, you're sneaking off for clandestine nights at Islands of Adventure, and coming home reeking of Suess Juice.

Disney World is not the most perfect place on earth. It won't cure a disease, save a marriage, or make you rich. In fact, it will leave you decidedly poorer . However, if treated as it's meant to be treated (just the same way a relationship works) it may never go sour on you.

It's not meant to be a contest to see how little you can spend. It's not meant to be a contest to see how much you can spend. It isn't meant to be a scavenger hunt to find burnt out light bulbs or peeling paint. Nor should you keep a tally of how many unhappy or happy workers you met today. It's also not meant to be scrutinized for it's pros and cons through accountants eyes.

It's meant to be fun. It's a place where steamboat whistles still wail on levees, and every night is the forth of July. It's a place where elephants fly, and Dinosaurs live. It's a place where childhood dreams come to life. It's ever changing, sometimes it gets better, sometimes it takes a step back. It's not reality. It's sort of "realty-lite", and for me at least, (sometimes, not always) that's just what the Doctor ordered.

So if the mouse is souring on you, maybe you need a break from it. There are many other wonderful places in the world to visit. Or maybe it just isn't for you. Or maybe the next time you go you should:

Just enjoy each day there as a day off.
Go with someone you love
Leave the one you love home if they hate it
Whistle while you walk
Sit next to a 4 year old on the curb and cheer out the characters names as they go by
Scream as loud as you can on Thunder Mountain, start screaming before it even goes
Hug the mouse
Yell out "ooooh-ahhhh" with each exploding firework
Tell all the CMs you meet that "Grampy Walt would have loved to see how this turned out"
Eat a Mickey Ears Bar
Skip down Main Street
Jump in the middle of the splash fountain with the kids
Have Graves announce you at the Adventurers Club ("Zamgwar has returned from expedition in Zambezee and has apparently had his clothing stolen for what he's wearing appears borrowed")
Hi Four Goofy
Ride the Railroad all the way around and just enjoy the breeze
Say hi to everyone who looks at you
Have a big stein of beer and sing German songs
remember your first time there always
take time to look at how pretty everything is
Have a martini at dinner
break away from your group
eat a Mickey shaped waffle
talk to strangers on line (the virtual line, you do it on computers all the time)
Go with your older brother or sister
Go at your own pace
Give the cleaning woman in the hallway a big hello and ask her how she is
wear clothes that don't match
sing along with the bears and clap your hands
Go with your parents
Go the way you can afford to go
Have an ice cream soda and make that slurpy sound with your straw
become a co-pilot on the monorail
catch raindrops on your tongue if the weather turns bad
let CM's know when they're doing a great job
try pulling the sword from the stone
kiss your loved one passionately after any Grand Finali
Ask Chip and Dale where you can find Bugs Bunny
Dance with "Wes Palm" the talking Palm tree at Animal Kingdom
Ask for ketchup in the Whispering Canyon Restaurant
Be silly
Don't act your age
Forget about work
Be happy your alive
Remember the best vacation is the one your currently on

A vacation anywhere is meant to be enjoyed. It is a reward for your hard work. It is a break from the day to day world. It is time spent to enjoy family and friends or just being by yourself. I can honestly say I've never had a bad vacation anywhere. Sometimes conditions may have not been ideal. Sometimes what I pictured is not what I got.

That's life!

Always, however, I have looked on the bright side, "I'm not working". After all, it's not the vacation place that makes the vacation, it's the attitude and ability to enjoy who you're with, and who you are, that makes a vacation.

If you're not having a good time, perhaps the first best person to improve it, is the one looking out at you from your mirror.

That's My Last 2 Cnts, What's yours?

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