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peoples in emerging economies get tastes of capitalism
and yearn for more.

it doesn't happen over night, but is a great and good trend.

EMF started was the first mutual fund to invest in primarily emerging economies. they were capital starved,
result? dividends reinvested EMF was up close to 500% by 1994 or so.

huge capital follows success and natural economic law, return on excess capital goes to minus.

here Feb 17, 2003 , with excesses washed out and bear markets around the world,

I am calling EMF a strong buy, provide capital where it is needed.

Friday's close 7.83 .
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people are fanitical for EM stks these days,

i say here have some of mine if you want them that bad!

lightening UP{.

EMF is up 3005 since 03 + distributions.
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