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Especially if you're a bad tipper ;0).

Hmmm... I remember my wife leaving a ridiculously small tip at a restaurant in Ann Arbor before our card number was stolen. I normally do the tip math but this restaurant had a play area for kids and my son wanted to go out and play so I went out with him and my wife paid using our debit card. After we left I looked at the receipt and noted A. how incredibly expensive the meal was (over $70!) and B. how my wife left only $3 for a tip. Math wasn't her strong suit before her brain injury, things haven't improved since then of course so I probably shouldn't have let her handle the bill but, well, other things were on my mind (such as making sure my son didn't get kidnapped/hurt/fondled/whatever) and, well, it is what it is.

But I can see how the server would have been rather upset, and he did have our number. Though he wouldn't have had our address and whomever stole our number had that (they used it to buy things online where you generally have to include your address as a verification) so perhaps that wasn't it.

At any rate, paying directly from my iPhone wouldn't put any of that at risk as the iPhone is encrypted. They're so secure in fact that the NSA is whining that they can't crack them (each phone has AES-256 encryption hard wired into them and you only get ten attempts to break the code before the phone wipes itself, which is far fewer than the thousands to billions of attempts needed depending on the length of the code). There are ways around it but they're very costly and time-intensive, something your run-of-the-mill identity thief won't bother with (given that our own government can barely do it!)

As long as the phone is encrypted and the signal is secure using an app on a phone to pay is incredibly safe. No store employees would have access to any of the account info used to pay at all. The only place it would be stored is in the app and on the server, making it far less likely that they'll be stolen (it's possible, but far fewer people would be able to do it than if you used your actual card or wrote an actual check which, again, anyone at the store/restaurant could have access to theoretically).
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