No. of Recommendations: 4

on Sunday, September 30, Governor Brown angered left-wing advocacy groups by announcing that he was rejecting a series of pieces of Democrat-sponsored legislation that amount to a catalog of left-wing ideas that are so bad they are unacceptable even for a left-wing governor.

A number of the rejected bills had to do with labor conditions. One would have created state-mandated meal breaks, sleep periods, and rest breaks for domestic employees such as nannies and home health aides. Governor Brown wrote in his veto message of "consequences both unknown and unintended," asking, "What would be the economic and human impact on the disabled or elderly person and their family of requiring overtime, rest and meal periods for attendants who provide 24-hour care? What would be the additional costs and what is the financial capacity of those taking care of loved ones in the last years of life? Will it increase costs to the point of forcing people out of their homes and into licensed institutions? Will there be fewer jobs for domestic workers? Will the available jobs be for fewer hours?....How would the state actually enforce the new work rules in the privacy of people's homes?"

Too bad he doesn't care about the destruction of his state from all the other laws he didn't veto.

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