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Everybody does this. Conservatives seem to be more fact-resistant than liberals though, so it's funny that you'd bring it up.

Conservatives, by definition, are traditionalists, tending to believe in the status quo (or a romanticized status quo ante) and are resistant to new information that may bring about change. This is one reason why conservative news media tends to be dominated by opinion that confirms pre-existing belief.

Liberals and progressives, by definition, are always looking for new answers to old problems and are therefore much more receptive to information that challenges traditional thinking. They seek such information out, which is why liberal news media tends towards inquiry and challenge of traditional belief.

It can't be that Zerocare really is a debacle. It just can't.

Debacle? Maybe. The website sure has problems, but it seems a bit early to judge the whole program as a failure. And it seems odd for conservatives to complain about it since they're doing everything in their power to make it a failure.

Just like the IRS targeting never existed. If it did, it was warranted.

The IRS targeted many political groups applying for 501c4 status. The only reason it appears that Tea Party groups were specifically targeted is because they're the only groups that Issa's committee specifically asked about.

In this instance, it is you who is ignoring facts because of cognitive dissonance. You want the "White House orders IRS to pick on Tea Party" story to be true so you ignore or dismiss all evidence to the contrary.

Fast & Furious never existed, either.

No one denies F&F's existence.

The NSA didn't really spy on us.
Journalists weren't spied on, either.

No one says that either.

Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video.

Or that. Talk about reality distortion! You're completely making stuff up and pretending it's fact.
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