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In the past, I've seen a different person's address and phone number listed as a past residence of mine on my credit report. I've disputed it, maybe even more than once, but do not recall if I ever checked up on it. It certainly hasn't been changed, because in joining Prosper, it asked me a few questions about my credit report, two of which related to that wrong person (what city the street was located on--I at least remember it was PA, but no clue what city the wrong address was) and a phone number. So I guessed. As far as I can tell, I guessed correctly because Prosper didn't yell at me, but it aggravates me that someone else's address is listed and can be used to refuse to believe I'm who I say I am.

I don't have a current credit report from them and don't wish to spend $15 to get a new report to dispute this again when the first time didn't work. Is there anything else I can do? And is it even possible to remove a wrong former address? (Since they didn't do so before.)

(Note, I do have another PA address listed, as I lived at my parents house for a short while. Completely different address, not even same area code. But could be a confusing point. Which makes me realize--Just wait till my future SIL changes her name. She once lived with my parents too. And has the same first/middle name as I do. Which means her new name will be my old name. Not to mention my Mom's name is similar too and our credit reports once got merged. Oh my goodness this does sound awful! But surely other people have that happen, especially guys who are II, III, Jr, etc. I thought it was funny that we had the same name, but it's not so funny now.)

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You don't have to pay to get your credit report once a year from each of the three bureaus.

There's no sign up for a trial you don't want required. This is a result of the legislation that was passed to allow customers access to their reports.

I'm not sure how successful you'll be in removing the address(es) though. My dealings with TransUnion were never fruitful in this regard. I had incarnations of 100, 1100, Q100, Q1100, different spellings for the town I lived in, and even mergings of a street address and the po box I had.

- Lan
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