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Hello - I am a project manager with a financial services firm.

We have had a very difficult time trying to offshore our production and project work.

Anyone have any tips or books to recommend on how to make the process smoother?

Thanks for your help. Wednesday
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There are a lot of different strategies, based on your goals and the type of project.

In general, offshoring production and project work requires a very high amount of communication between the onshore and offshore teams, and also higher communication with the client.

Creating a big requirements document and throwing it over the fence to the developers does not work.

You should expect a much more interactive process with almost daily meetings with the offshore team, and if possible, weekly reviews of material with the client (internal or external), atleast until the project proves itself.

Iterative methodologies like Agile (including extreme programming), or interative RUP seem to help because they focus on constant communication and feedback loops from the client to the development team. These methodologies are generally new to the Indian team, so you may need to overcome some resistence to make them happen.

Just my two cents.

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