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Man I just can't believe it. Last night I rode out to a place I'd never been before, supposed to meet up with this chick and a few of her friends to go riding. Nothing wrong there. It was after sunset when I left and it was starting to cool so I wore full leather. I came up to this place, looks a bit yup but hey, bikers know good grub and cold beer. There were a few rides but they were all parked willy nilly, not a one backed into a spot or lined up with a little pride. That is always a dead givaway. After I found a safe spot and backed Sinister Blue into it I went on in even though I was having my doubts. 4 buck cover to get in seeing as they were having a band, no big deal. The door man was almost apologetic, shoulda known right there.

I walked into the fairly well lighted bar and took a look around. The place fell nearly about silent as I walked in all leather clad right down to my Altama boots. I think I was expected but not as I was or who I am. I tend to stand out in some crowds and I was being noticed to say the least. I looked around the joint and saw who I thought I was supposed to meet. I strolled up through the parting crowd and just stood in disbelief. Man I could handle the french onion soup and brie but about then the band started up with this freakin' bubble machine. I swear I looked everyone in the eye in the entire place as I stood there and got shocked looks and down turned eyes. Spoons dropping, drinks getting knocked over. Man what a sight. An entire bar right full of poseurs gawking like they had never seen bug splattered leather before. You'd of thought I was robbing the place with all the nervous tension you could cut with a knife.

I just shook my head headed to the bar, downed a coke cuz I was dry as can be, left a tip for the false smiled tender, then headed for the door. Halfway out the door the man stops me and gives me my cover back. I mounted up on Sinister Blue, who had to say "Told ya so" just as the band stopped playing. Seeing as she was still warmed up and eyes were still upon us through the wall of windows she decided to play her own tune. We hit tar with nary a cage in sight. She opened up smooth and loud kicking gears as smooth as glass at about 5000 RPM. The 42mm Mikuni mixing air and octane perfectly for the 88B V-Twin giving her all she wanted and her Python 3's blasting hot gases into the still night air. I'll bet they were still dropping spoons when we were a mile down the road.

I took a ride over to Wiers Beach seeing as I was out and another hour riding in the cool air sounded good after the killer heat wave we had. Up towards the far end a well known 1% MC has a clubhouse. There they were, proud HD's old and new, neatly lined up and backed into the curb, chrome catching headlights. There is an example of one extreme to the other. Maybe it doesn't mean much but when you go riding by and see it maybe it does, at least to a biker.

Ride safe,

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