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Ronald Reagan said facts are stubborn things.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan said everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

In my role as a fact-checker, I would judge those statements “mostly false.”

They may have been mostly true when they were uttered, but the fact-checking fad that has swept through the news media in recent years has made those statements — in the word of a presidential press secretary of that earlier era — “inoperative.” Judging by what we’re reading and hearing, in today’s political world, facts are pretty adaptable, and everybody is free to pick and choose the ones they like.

Which is, when you get down to it, what the fact-checkers are doing.

True: Fact-checking process is subjective
By Mike Deupree | 7 October 2012

Faith in God
Hope in the future based on knowing the truth
Charity to our fellow men and women
Duty to ourselves, our community, and our country.

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True: Fact-checking process is subjective


Fact-checking is not remotely subjective.

However, if you are a Democrat the definition of what is a fact is subjective.

Do Republicans do this as well? I expect they do, when there is a rigged game in town and you have to play anyway, if you do not cheat you are sure to lose.

All I know, and this I do know, is we have a MSM that supports the ability of Dems to redefine the meaning of facts. That is a form of evil that is just nasty and can not be allowed to stand.
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