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Coupons 'N More Effective Money Usage Quick Reference

Tips for Living Below Your Means:
And many more:

Recommended books:
The Complete Tightwad Gazette (compilation of volumes 1, 2, & 3)
Your Money or Your Life, By Joe Dominguez and Vicky Robin
The Millionaire Next Door
The Wealthy Barber, by David Chilton
The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don't Need, by Juliet B. Shor

Bulletin Board Abbreviations

LBYM Living Below Your Means
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
FWIW For What It's Worth
DH, DW Darling (or Dear) Husband, Wife. DD daughter, etc.
LOL Laugh(ing) Out Loud
B&M Brick and Mortar (a real world physical store)
SAHM Stay At Home Mom
TMND The Millionaire Next Door (relevant book)
YMOYL Your Money or Your Life (relevant book)

We title our posts with an indicator to let others know what type of information it contains:
TIP (frugal, etc)
OT (off-topic)
POV (Point Of View, Philosophy)
FREE (Sample, or gift, including cash incentive)
PROMO (big gift, including cash incentive)
PROGRAM (Cybergold, MyPoints, Ebates, Greenpoints, etc)
UTILITY (electric, etc)
PAID-TO (paid-to-surf, e-mail, survey, shop, etc)

Free ISP:
56K dial-up: (comprehensive listing of free ISPs by area code and by town) (uses Outlook Express for email) (click on 56k ISP) (click on ISP link) WorldSpy has gone out of business and transferred its customers to Juno does have a banner. (offers email) Kmart+Yahoo=Bluelight. Has a banner. (MyPointsConnect pays 50 points/month if used 10 hours)
If you use an independent free email account such as, it won't matter which ISP you access the internet with, you can always get your mail.

Check to be sure the access numbers are local for you.


Free long distance phone calls (Phone to Phone, requires second line) (PC to phone, no second line needed) (PC to PC, and PC to Phone)

Sites for cheap long distance: - A cooperative for phone, electricity and gas.

Free answering service:

Free Faxing:

Free Web Page Hosting: (searches for sites according to your specified criteria) (doesn't make you have ads to get the free web hosting) Info on joining a Motley Fool webring

Get paid cash, gift certificates, or frequent flyer miles to click on ads: (net, not com) (see detailed explanation at (See points opportunities at
See also in the Speaker's Corner, Pay-To-Surf board to discuss these programs.

Get paid to read email:

Get paid to surf:

Email forwarding:

Sites for electronic coupons:
Discounts, sometimes to zero, at online drugstores, pet stores, music, and more. (Many items free after rebate. Prices run high, be sure it's really a good buy if it isn't free.) (Includes bank and broker incentive programs) (Visit the Look What I Found {LWIF} message board)

And many more:

It's easy to go overboard with these coupon offers: you can go broke saving money!

I only buy something on sale if it was something I needed, *and* was going to buy at a higher price in the near future. If it wasn't already in the budget, I have to work it in at it's normal price first. I usually save 100% by passing it up.

I have a new budget category -- money to use to save money. I have to have money in that fund before I can spend it to save money on any of the great deals I keep finding on this board. This fund is replenished if there was a surplus in another budget category last month. If I really saved money from another budget category, there will be a surplus at the end of the month. That money is moved into the "sale" fund for next month. Only then can I use that money.

Free/Cheap Software:

Free Samples:

Free on-line books:
Anything on which the copyright has expired. Classic, reference, old favorites.

Free on-line reference complete encyclopedia, and more searches multiple dictionaries and thesaurus dictionary and thesaurus a huge compendium of all kinds of reference, from maps to Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.

Newspapers and magazines online:
http:/ Local newspapers online, free! Comprehensive TV listings. Searchable.

Games – Bridge, Backgammon, Crossword puzzles, trivia, more (click Games) (may need the free download of Internet Explorer 5.0)

Cooking and recipes:

Restaurant Recipes: from chain restaurants' menus (restaurant recipes)
Recipes/Cooking> Helps you use up what you have on hand. Fool board, a search yielding several sites (Anywhere But In The Kitchen) (cooking for one or two, crockpot recipes) (enter your ingredients on hand, will find recipes to match) (recipe finder) (AOL recipe finder - enter your preferences)

Sites for bargain travel and travel guides: (also known as:
And many more:

Grocery Coupons/Rebates:

Food Co-ops / Community Support Agriculture (CSA):

Cheap Building Materials:


Learn How to Make Repairs and Lots of Other Neat Stuff:


Asset Protection:

Banking and Brokerage Services: Many cash incentives, $50 to $150.

Compare Shipping Charges:

Find the lowest gas prices in your area:

Compare Car Insurance:

Mutual Fund Timing:
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