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Low carbing does require me to cook all.the.time. While I can usually do this, when I am busy or away from home, it can be trying.

What are your favorite "Fast and easy" low carb meals?

My suggestions:

I recently discovered Costco sells a Kirkland brand soup in their fresh deli section that only has 3 net carbs per cup. Broccoli cheddar. Mmmmmm. It is delicious - just heat and serve. $7.99 for two pints.

Chick Fil A is new here, and I had not really been to one before(other than at an airport in Atlanta between flights a few years ago). Last week I discovered they sell a scoop of chicken salad on large piece of lettuce that has only 8 net carbs (not including lettuce). $4.19

Panda Express has a Green Bean Chicken entree that has 10 net carbs when purchased a la carte.!/...

10 net carb Kung Pao Chicken and 9 net carb Firecracker Chicken, 8 net carb Mandarin Chicken, and 9 net carb Mushroom Chicken entrees are also good options.

In my area a small a la carte serving from Panda Express runs about $3.

Jack-in-the-Box sells breakfast sandwiches all day. I have been known to order a cheap Breakfast Jack ($1.29) that comes with egg, ham, and cheese and just ditch the bread. I have found McDonalds' eggs to be a weird mix - and I avoid those.

Lettuce wrapped burgers are another stand-by, of course.

What do you like to eat when you are out and about?
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What do you like to eat when you are out and about?

I buy those small romaine lettuce heads you can easily break a leaf off of. Each leaf is shaped like a cup. I squirt some mayonnaise in, throw in some other stuff like cold cuts or cheese, pickles, onions etc. i think the technical term for these are "roll-ups".

I put the elements in little Tupperware type boxes so assembly is easy when hunger hits. I buy mayo in a squeezable tube so no muss no fuss. In a picnic cold box if I'm away for a day or more.

I also carry snacks like those miniature salamis to chew on, and various little round or wedge shaped connoisseur specialty cheeses that I can take a bite from now and then.

Now I've started roasting my own almonds then shaking them with a little oil and spices to make a great snack that travels well. Found out how-to on YouTube. Roasting only takes about ten minutes.
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