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I used to work with a guy, Jessie, who was a grumpy Cajun.

He would take the entire week of Ash Wednesday off--for religious reasons.

The company we worked for was based in Louisiana (though we were in Texas), and the company would take off Fat Tuesday. In fact, I believe it's a state (Louisiana) holiday.

Of course, he would take off Ash Wednesday as well.

Then he thought, why come in on Monday only to take the next two days off. So, he'd take off Monday.

Jessie didn't work on Friday at all, and so he figured, why come in one day for the entire week? So he took off Thursday, just to round things out.

I like that.

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We hear about how most Catholics are "cafeteria Catholics". It sounds like Jessie was a cafeteria employee. <g>

I celebrated Fat Tuesday with Paczkis. I'm not Polish, but there are so many local Poles that even the WalMart bakery had them. They showed up about a month before Fat Tuesday.

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