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There was a press release from CLTK a while back, Jan 26, ( It is full of acronymns, so I had to read it several times and then get some help trying to make sense of it. This is what my read is:

What it boils down to is this: CLTK is announcing that they have an amplifier available for fiber optic transmissions. Over the last few years engineers have figured out how to fit more and more signals into fiber cable by splitting and re-splitting the light. This has boosted the bandwidth that fiber optics can carry tremendously. But the equipment that works this magic has to work at higher and higher frequencies. Now, semiconductors needed for fiber-optics are approaching the frequencies that wireless coponents need to operate at. CLTK is one of a handful of companies that have experience building amplifiers that operate at these frequencies.

The announcement also indicated that the samples of the chip are availiable for prospects to buy, and they also quoted a price at $180 a unit. (I am amazed that CLTK quotes their prices in a press release.)

Overall I think this is a positive announcement. Certainly, the stock has jumped up nicely over the past 2 weeks. I still have concerns about capacity however. Wireless and Broadband are two of the hottest areas around, and trying to address both is chanllanging for a <$300 million market cap company.

I'd love to CLTK reach an agreement with a larger company to help manufacture and market their products.
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It seems you are pretty informed on CLTK. Check out CIEN. I can't tell if they are competitors or not, if not, they should be compatible companies in what they do, both are doing very well. Their systems allow optical fiber to carry 16 to 40 times more data and graphic and voice information without requiring more lines. (from MSN)
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