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If I had actually bought YoCream when I first posted on the board I would have doubled my money.

Sometimes I am such a putz.

YoCream is now at 9.58 up from ~3.8 on 2/14

Well, at least I got out of Lucent

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That's okay, I've feeling pretty lame for only buying $400 worth of the stock at $4. It's more than doubled now, but it's still only $800 and hardly makes a dent in the losses I've suffered this year!

Well, at least I was never in WorldCom. =)

-- Ryan
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When I do invest, I try and put enough money into it that if it does well I make some money, but if it tanks I am not completely screwed.

My tolerance for risk is high. Of course this means that I have taken some pretty good beatings in my time.

Still, I think I have come out ahead in the long run (but not in the past year)

Well I was ahead, then apple went from 25 to 16

such is life when you play with the big boys
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