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I read a recent fool on the hill by TMFMatt listed in the Archives as
The Small-Cap Value Radar, Part 2

My BEST suggestion:
When I click on TMFMatt's name I should be able to find ALL articles he has written. I did find a feature called "Best Of" which you can keep and is useful, but how about a link below those for "ALL articles by TMFMatt."

I can find his postings in the message groups, but this does not include his fool on the hill articles.

I am a pretty smart and experienced user, if you do have a feature that lets me see all his articles, I would argue it is pretty well hidden (pretty poorly designed).

The Fool on the hill archives did NOT seem to have any other articles with either Part 1 in the name, Small-Cap in the name. So where is part 1?

I am STILL looking for part 1!

To the moon,
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Ralph, we're hoping to get author-based article archiving at some point. Here's part 1 of the small cap series:


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