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Here is a mid-year update on our retirement goals....

--Net worth up 9% since 1/1/07. Currently at 5.5 NW/AI at 33.

Current NW portfolio:
45% Picked Stocks
17% 401k Mutual Funds
34% Real Estate (house)
4% Fixed Income (all short-term)

2007 Notes so far:
Funded 2007 Roths in January
On par to fully fund 401k.
23.6% CAGR on picked stocks so far this year vs. 11.5% S&P500. incl. (NUAN, BWLD, OYOG, BMY)
Large medical bills along with only modest home value gains slowed NW gain a bit.
Moved most fixed income out of T-Bills into 6% temp FNBO direct savings account.
Readjusted NW/AI numbers. Took taxes out of stock option assets since it is quite difficult to avoid taxes. Upward adjustment to AI.

NW/AI historical chart

Previous updates:

2006 Update:

2005 Update:

2004 Update:

2003 Update:


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why-oh-why are you living my alternative life?

Current net worth around 5.5 NW/AI at 38.
Current NW portfolio:

26% house
65% stocks and bonds
10% short term instruments

In 2003 you were at 1.4 NW/AI and I was at 2.4 hmmm you are doing
a bit better than me in terms of relative growth. I think that is your
stock picking paying off.

IN 2004 it looks like you were around 2.06 and I was around 2.9

In 2005 it looks like you were around 3.1 and I was around 3.72

In 2006 it looks like you were around 5.6 and I was around 4.5

In 2007 you are at 5.7 and I am around 5.5

I think your income must have gone up.

If you want to chat about saving strategies or give me investment trips please drop me a note.
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