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Hi all,

I live in The Netherlands and came across the Cube from 3DSystems for the first time in my neighborhood. The biggest consumer store over here (something like Macys) is having its yearly discount days. One of the gadgets they are offering is the Cube from 3DSystems. I was quite suprised to see it so soon and would have expected to be in vogue a couple of years later.

Am also still struggling if I should buy Stratasys as well. Probably the market will be big enought for the two of them. What do you think. Do you own both or just one of the two.

Regards and fool on,

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Stratasys is more into manufacturing market and 3D is into consumer market. They are room for both. I personally own both and Dassault system as well. They all have their own niche in 3d printing arena
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