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This question is probably more towards our local Canadian MichaelR but looking for some input. This year was the first time in over 30 years I did not head up to fish off of Ucluelet in Barkley Sound. Reasons vary but mainly it is getting to expensive and my dad is getting older. For those of you who have fished off the west side of Vancouver Island know it can get very rough out there.
Anyway I did have a friend fish up there this past week. He did not bring home any salmon or halibut! This was the first time in 30 years he didn't catch anything. Sounds like the warm waters have moved in and the Mac Attack has begun (read: Mackerel overtaking the waters). They saw mackerel chasing salmon smolt onto shore! This of course is very bad news.
Michael have you heard similar stories this year? Fishing in Puget Sound and off our coast has been red hot for both Coho and Chinook. So I found this situation to be very odd.
Input is greatly appreciated.

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Can’t be of too much use, Gary. I have a heart problem that has kept me off the water. Haven’t taken the boat out at all this year; it’s a large driveway-decorating ornament at present.

Try for news of BC fishing. Free to join and the info is excellent.

Tight lines.

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