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FYI, when one credit agency puts negative information on your credit report, they share it with the other agencies. However, when you submit a correction, they _don't_ share it!

If you ever need to make a correction, you must contact _all_ of the agencies.

In 1992, I was denied a Discover card because a delinquency was erroneously listed on my credit report (by The Associates). Discover identified the agencies they got the reports from (2 of the big 3). I fixed the error with those 2 companies and then got my Discover card.

Lo and behold, while applying for a mortgage in 1996, I learned Equifax was still reporting the delinquency!

Even if you get a problem cleared up with one agency - save your paperwork indefinitely! The error may still come back to haunt you.

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Thanks I'll remember that. In my case it will be to make sure that old information is removed from all three. There is a 7 year limit on the info they keep on you. I do keep paper work for a long time. So that's no problem.

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