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Hi Everyone,

I have been reading this board for a few months now, but this is my first time posting. I hoping I can get some advice. I recently ordered a copy of my credit report and found something quite disturbing.

When I was 17, my mother signed up for a credit card with Household Bank and listed me as a joint account holder. Long story short, she had trouble paying her bills, and the card was charged off with $575 never paid a few years ago. I never used the card, and did not think it would effect me since I was a minor at the time.

I'm 24 now and shopping for car loans, so I ordered a copy of my credit report, which shows this credit account as charged off to me! I've never had any late payments on any of my own accounts, and I never even used this card. Am I still responsible since my name was listed as a joint account holder on my mom's account? Is there anything I can do to remove this, even though a few years have gone by? Please help, I'm really frustrated about having this on my credit report when I've been so diligant about paying my own bills on time. Do I have to wait 7 years for this to do away.

P.S. I have no balances on any other cards (I pay them off each month) but I'm also wondering if I'm doomed to a high interest rate on a car loan because of this. Is there anything I can do?
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Call AND write a letter to the company that gave you
the bad rating with proof of your age at that time
(your birth record or any supporting documents)
and if they persist ask them to show you anything where your signature is on file for ANY contract once that has been established then ask them to remove it from your credit history. I had this happen to me once with BENIFICAL FINANCE they pulled out the original contract
my signature was not listed so they faxed the reporting
agency's and had it removed from my CR's

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I have been succeeding at getting a card listing me as an authorized user off of my credit reports. It lists the account opening in 1983, I was 9 at the time and a bit young to sign any binding documents. I just called Citibank and then wrote the CRAs and included documentation to show my age and now the acct has been removed from 2 CR's so far with one letter to Trans Union pending. So it can be done.
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First off you cannot be held accountable if you were only 17 at the time of this transaction. Put all your buying on hold until this problem is fixed. Do you have all the credit reports in front of you, including the addresses on where to file your complaint?

There is no 7 year law here.You were a minor. You are NOT liable. 17 year olds cannot enter into contracts. This should be taken care of within 30 days. Email me if you do not have the CRA addresses and I will post them again and you can eradicate this mess from your report.

wdg :>
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