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Results out, price drop after hours.
AXP at $36.65, 44% off 52-week high, down from $42.50 earlier today. Ouch.
TTM earnings are now around $3.03 if I did the math right, meaning
TTM P/E is now 12.1. Assuming I'm reading the pretty chart at Bigcharts
correctly, that's lower than at any time since their earnings series started in 1986.

This is a company with a big moat. Their card fees have been hugely higher
than their competitors for several decades, which is a pretty good sign.

I own rather a lot of this, so I'm simply scooping up a bit more.

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Sorry, wrong board again. Gotta stop using different boards in different tabs!
Of course, it might be of interest anyway. FKA means "falling knife alert".

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