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Not to change the subject, but....

I made a tasty dish this evening. I'd planned on salmon burgers but they weren't thawed when I wanted to eat, so I fell back to "make something up and see what happens."

Three green tomatoes and one VERY hot little pepper from the garden, sauteed with a chopped up Trader Joe's masala veggie burger. Two eggs and some milk added in to make it look like a frittata, and then left covered to cook slow over almost no heat.

Meanwhile, I took Greek yogurt and, reading off the back of the empty raita container, added garlic, spearmint (from the garden), ginger, turmeric, and salt.

Add a dollop of peach butter where the mango chutney ought to be, and voila! It's like eating something vaguely Indian. It was very tasty.

ThyPeace, happy about tasty food.
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It was very tasty.

It sounds very tasty!

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