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At first glance, Flossary looks complete. But look closer and you will see that Flossary is like a river. Some branches are fully developed; others are not.

Some branches that need development include Retirement. We have started a 401(k) series and we have a few subterms like pre-tax and after-tax, but we lack Roth 401(k), 403(b) and 457 articles. And detail is lacking in 401(k)s. Matching, distributions, mandatory distributions, 72(t) distributions, etc. This series needs elaboration to be complete.

Estates, wills, and trust. We have some entries but lack will, living will, power of attorney, and most trust types.

Ideas for where to begin–

1. Pick an area you are comfortable writing about, review what is there, correct and expand it. Add subterms as appropriate and go ahead and define them. Use the article template for style. Any term that appears in red needs a definition.

Article template is here:

2. Select a category, see what is there, what is missing, and have at it. The category listings are not always complete. Some terms have no categories entered. Some terms are filled out, but need additional category assignments. (Don’t forget to search for the term first as it may be in another category and don’t get trapped by derivative terms: looking for retirement but its under retire, retiring, retired, or retires. Look out for plurals. They will be missed by search. Avoid plural term names if you can.)

3. Check out the list of companies in a category. If you are an investor, you will note immediately that some company categories are complete, but others have major omissions. Add companies as you feel appropriate. To appear on the bottom of the category page, a company must have a term page in the company name and a category assignment statement. Note that category names are case sensitive and the plurals and derivatives problem applies.

4. If all else fails, head for the terms wanted list. It lists all requested terms. But look out for plurals. Search first before adding a new definition.

Terms wanted list is here:

5. By all means read and edit what others have entered. Is it accurate? Is it complete? Does it explain well enough? Are subterms appropriate to expand the explanation? And don’t forget to amuse. Add a bit of humor if you have the talent.

Some quirks to watch out for–

1. The ampersand bug. If an ampersand appears in the term name, you will not be able to edit the term. Your entry will be lost if you try. So if an "&" appears in a term name like "S&P", substitute “and” as “S and P.”

2. The caps problem. In terms, and search, the first letter of the first word is interchangeable upper and lower case. But multiword terms are case sensitive. Let’s try to enter them in lower case unless it’s a formal name.

3. Plurals and derivatives as noted above are a problem. A careful search will usually find them, and they are best handled by redirecting the plural or derivative to the singular. Keep terms singular if you can. And watch out for plurals like “agency” to “agencies” and “plus” to “pluses.”

Have at it.

Fool on!! (And thanks for your help.)

(This Flossary Guide is completely un-authorized and subject to correction and review.)
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