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So I've noticed how enthusiastic many kind hearted Fools have embraced the whole comment and the Fool gives 10 cents to charity thing that the Fool has goin on.

how about next year you guys do that for edits on the Foolsaurus?

a) we could use some warm bodies around here. Paul Eckler is only human!

b) it could be great cross marketing by promoting your charitable, efforts, education angle and even better advertising to Fools that Foolsaurus exists!

c) it wouldn't probably cost you much additional money that the Fool isn't already likely spending.

d) new interest can only help improve the quality of the Foolsaurus product
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This is a great idea on all fronts Tastylunch. I'll send it over to our Foolanthropy team. I have no doubt it will be included in the 2010 campaign.

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