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Ladies and Gentlemen,
RoyalScribe and myself have infiltrated The Motley Fool perimeter and waged psychological operations on their top-level commanders. Would you believe it worked!? They've agreed to let us become Motley Fool Bloggers with an outlook on the affairs of the Military!
Each month I'll be bringing another Military-oriented blog post attempting to de-mystify investing in the hopes we convince another young Soldier, Sailor, Airmen or Marine to activate his TSP and start on a lifetime of investing.
All of you military Fools are hereby cordially invited to follow along, join the discussion and call 'em how you see 'em. Keep me honest and we'll all learn together. I hope you'll share the effort with any young pistols you know that have never been fired and could benefit. Fool up, troops! There's wealth to be built.

Here's the address:

Hooyah, Hooah and Oorah!
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Good stuff, Mitch. We'll be reading!

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