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The 2 Fools have drifted off course. Instead of delivering good old fashioned straightforward service, they're resorting to the slick tricks and misleading ads like the scam artists, the other services, use.

No doubt it will help the 2 Fools' bottom line, it works for the other guys. I've been sucked in to subscribe to several of the other guys. Instead of getting info on their best finds, you get a continual bombardment of trick letters or reports that try to persuade you to subscribe to another of their "advisory letters". They dangle and tease you with disclosure of information which promises to change your life ... if you subscribe to another letter. And the next letter will do the same thing.

I like the 2 Fools because they didn't use that tactic. If they had some good tips, they included the info in their basic letter, it wasn't necessary to subscribe to another letter.

But the Motley Fools is now using that tactic. The last 4 inputs I got from the MF were not informative, they were advertisements for other MF products.

And this sophomoric "CAPS" project is more hype ... style withour substance. I don't subscribe to MF for games or contests. As for stock rating?picking processes, I have 2 other websites that do that very well. I don't need MF to create some amateurish intellectual gamesite to give me stock rating advice or tips provided by people who have no more capability than I have. Getting 50 people to guess about a stock rating gives a common concencus, but the value of the aggregate is no more than the individual inputs. It's a waste of time and resources.

These new developments at MF are disappointing because they are gimmicks, without value to the subscribers who just want the analyses of the 2 FOOLs. And if either one of them stumbles across a diamond in the rough I want to trust they'll notify me and the other subscribers, not send us a tricky alert or report that invites us to subscribe to a variation of the service you subscribed to, which, for more money, will disclose the info they should have simply told us in the report.

What a shame that the FOOLs have sold out to the slick-willy scammers.

David Kennedy
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I am not sure which service you signed up for and what you think you're not getting but I signed up for hidden gems thinking I was going to get two well thought out investment ideas for small cap stocks each month. What I got instead was the two well thought out ideas plus a message board system that allows for some interesting and often quite enlightening discussion of the recommendations that I have found almost as valuable as the recommendations themselves and as far as I can tell is unique in the investment letter community. Particularly being able to ask tough questions to Tom and Bill and quite often getting responses.

Also having experts in the fields of some of the recommendations as subscribers participating on the message boards such as platoish on the FORM board or Doodlebugger2000 on the OYOG board is extremely helpful. I agree with one of your criticisms of the caps game that I am not likely going to put a lot of faith in what the overall communities ratings are on a particular stock. But I have come to have a lot of respect for Bill Manns methodology and I think just getting a peak at what Bill likes or does not like outside of the constraints of hidden gems is an added bonus. I'm not likely to take an interest in what the weighted average opinion of the caps community is on a particular stock but I plan to rummage through the top players for ideas for my real portfolio. Besides to my knowledge the caps game is not costing subscribers anything and no one is being forced to play.

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"The last 4 inputs I got from the MF were not informative, they were advertisements for other MF products."


I tend to agree with you here. Though I often do receive emails that are not an advertisement, and are informative...too often I too get the "want to be a millionaire" pitch about another newsletter. I am an Inside Value subscriber, am happy with the newsletter, and know what other subscription options are out there. I too wish the advertisements for existing subscribers would stop...the MF homepage allows for enough research to be done that if I wish to subscribe to rule breakers, stock advisor, etc...I will.

I strongly disagree with your outlook on the new CAPS program. True, there are many 'players' who are not experts (myself included), but that is the point. A free service (which I am beginning to see as invaluable) that comes with any subscription, with the sole purpose of each player becoming a better investor through seeking out those experts that are in the community. In addition to doing your own particular stock research, where else can you get the consensus of hundreds of others, plus (in some cases) the expert opinions of many. I am a firm believer that the CAPS mission will succeed...more people will become better investors by learning means and methods from the community.

Echoing Mike's comments above, CAPS is free, no one is forced to play, so I wonder why your view of the program came across as so critical and negative...ever heard the saying, "If you don't like what's on the TV, turn the channel?" If you don't like CAPS, then don't play...but I wonder what benefit (other than free expression) you think to get from bashing it on the board?

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I would also like to see a discount or “package” price for multiple newsletters. I subscribe to 2 and would maybe like to have a few others, but at $200 a pop, 2 is likely my limit.

For the record, I have received much value (both intellectually, and $$$ in my portfolio) for these newsletters, and would recommend them. (SA & HG)

I've tried a few others on trial basis, but didn't match my style...but at a package price, I might hold on a bit longer and see more value.

Just a thought, thanks Dave and Tom, you make me more Foolish.


PS: Caps should always be free for subscribers...even premiere features should be included with a subscription.
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Clients of ETrade are being offered a "discount" on SA.....25% off the list and fwiw
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too often I too get the "want to be a millionaire" pitch about another newsletter.

ben, David, and others,

On the My Fool page (tab at top of any TMF web page), there is a link on the left where you can "manage your email." One of the choices is to opt out of the promotional material TMF sends. This won't stop email related to any subscription service you might have, but it will lessen the amount of other email TMF sends you.

Hope this helps.

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ok...i concede...i spoke too soon.

Jim, I did alter my email options on "my fool" and un-clicked a few emailing options, thanks for setting me straight!

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Hi all !

Not to beat a good horse to death, but I think a large number of people have the wrong idea about TMF. TMF is not solely to tell anyone what stocks to buy because they are better than all the other stocks. What TMF does, is offer a number of good companies through their varied newsletter services. It is up to the subscribers to decide whether they want to buy the companies. And this only after they have studied the companies through a number of means generally taught on the boards and "classes" at TMF. In other words, do your own analization and make your own decision to buy or not. These companies are found by the TMFers and may or may not meet the investing philosophys of the subscribers...further investigation is necessary.

Pitching the different newsletters and services is to make available to the general public, that's you and I, the different styles of investing and in an ameanable way.

Keep in mind the "educate and amuse" portion of the TMF ideal.

Respectfully submitted,
Rich (haywool)
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