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Woo-hoo, just got my dividend on F.PR.S. $508 on 100 shares.

I was afraid that I'd merely traded dividend for price, so I pulled up history.

Looks like lots of people played "capture the dividend" on the ex-div date.
Price jumped from 40 on Jun 29 to 47 on Jun 30, on massive volume---- 8,000,000 shares vs. average volume of 250,000. Price dropped back to 40 on July 1 with volume 2,600,000. Vol in the next few days averaged about 400,000.

Aside from that large one day spike, the price just kept to its normal up/down wave. Price is now back to 44.

A big THANK YOU to whoever recommended F.PR.S to me. (Maybe it was Cramer?) I bought it at 11.5% yield (albeit suspended), and now it's 7.5% plus a very handsome capital gain.
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