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Brute power vs gas guzzler tax >>> The Ford solution:

WardsAuto editors make no apologies for putting a special high-performance V-8 on the list. Its prodigious output “makes it the world’s most powerful production V-8, beating countless exotics costing many times more,” they say. But like so many others in the industry, they were shocked the big bruiser escaped the federal gas-guzzler tax.

How did Ford manage such a feat while so many other performance cars with less power have been socked with big guzzler penalties?

Albers says the development team set out with four clear-cut goals: 650 hp, 600 lb.-ft. (813 Nm) of torque, 200-mph (322 km/h) top speed and no gas-guzzler tax. That meant the new car had to be rated at a minimum combined, unadjusted 22.5 mpg (10.5 L/100 km).

Interesting article for fellow gearheads. ;)

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I want one.

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