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a puzzle in four parts--

part (1) pretty easy actually, generally doable by the average person who tries.

(2) not easy, but doable.... definitely worth trying.

(3) extremely difficult. Requires balance, effort, other skills not that rare, but rarely used otherwise.

(4) impossible.

So why do we hear so much about (4) and so little about (1)?

IOIO, anyone who can plausibly assert (4) becomes rich and famous, so they
(but especially their early adopters) have a vested interest in discouraging
attempts at (1) (which could lead to (3) and then (4) and a possible end to
their profits).
Thus, few ever even try (1). Those that do, succeed but aren't very confident
of the result. They then either give up or try (2); find that (2) isn't easy; realize
you can skip (2); go on to try (3); fail and that...... and the whole thing unravels.
"Folks [claimed to] have done (4), must have also (3) and (1). Must be they
were super-geniuses/gods and i didn't really (1)."

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Uh... what?
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Uh... what?


only 2.4 months before anyone noticed. <G>

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I noticed. Just takes a while to think it through.

4 usually becomes 3 if not 2 with time. Triple lutz. Four minute mile. Kodak's digital camera circa 1975. The fascinomas.

The value of the Rich and Famous
descends from 4 to 1.

The 1s : "Oh, I can do that..." will never be newsworthy or "valuable"...
until the Real® value system is recognized beneath the glitz of the R&F.

when your neighbor or friend who has never done 4,3,or even 2
comes by with his boat to rescue you... there's Real® value

The Real® value, the real machine of life
the stuff we're all capable of
lies with the 1's.

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