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President Francois Hollande wants to balance the French deficit by taxing the rich, taxing the poor, taxing trucks, raising the VAT, and increasing the tax on corporations.

That policy blew sky high this week in a storm of riots by Brittany farmers.

Mr. Ayrault denied that the government had caved in to the protesters.

In France, riots, strikes, and mass protests work.
A lesson for conservatives.

Revolts against a series of levies have erupted with protests by farmers in Brittany against a trucking tax on Oct. 27 leaving several people injured, and soccer clubs refusing to play a round of league matches in November to oppose a tax on salaries of more than 1 million euros ($1.38 million).

The revolts reflect discontent with taxes that have risen by 70 billion euros in three years. France’s tax burden was 46.3 percent of gross domestic product last year, up two percentage points from 2011 when it was already the third-highest in the world behind Belgium and Denmark, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

“The French feel taxes are going up and purchasing power is going down. They voted for Hollande thinking they’d afford austerity; that the rich would pay. They realize now that that’s not possible. There aren’t enough rich people.”

Hmm Not enough rich people. A lesson fer libruls.

“The French want the deficit addressed and spending reduced but they don’t want to give up their services and social protection,”

The French people like Americans want "FREE" stuff that others pay for. And when the bill comes due they revolt, riot & eentually vote the bums out.
A lesson for libruls & conservatives in name only.
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Hahahaha...what a riot (literally)! Send jerryjibjab over there to see how he likes it.
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