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It's funny. This has been out for a couple of days and I haven't seen a single liberal post it to show how well their candidate is doing.

I have seen a lot of posts saying how unfair the first debate was.

Poor little barack. Just too high. Just too unprepared. Just too many lies. Just too much freedom allowed by Lehrer. Just too little control. Just too... (______________)

Excuses abound.

Unfortunately, facts are really stubborn things, and the facts are even more abundant than the excuses. You see, the last four years are history, and during that last four years a quantifiable RECORD has been created that cannot be completely hidden from the American people, regardless of how much you people desire to do so.

The facts are that the president has not kept his promises to the American people. He has lied, he has acted in ways in direct conflict with the Constitution, he has attempted to conceal his actions and the acts of others in his administration that fly in the face of any freedom-loving person who believes in the concept of America. He has strong-armed opponents because he cannot win them over with his ideas (no different than the actions of a dictator), has abjectly failed to even attempt bipartisan solutions, has not passed or signed a budget in any year of his tenure - not a damned single one - and has presided over the creation of MORE DEBT than any single president in the history of this nation!

When this person took office, the debt was over 9 trillion dollars. NOW the debt is over 16 trillion dollars - a seven trillion dollar increase in DEBT alone, created while simultaneously SPENDING more than any president in the history of this nation!

This is inexcusable, yet you liberals constantly excuse it! How in the hell can you do that? It is YOUR children that are going to have to pay this debt! It is YOUR children who will pay the penalty. And YOUR grandchildren. And your great grandchildren...

Don't you even care about your own family? I know none of you give a care about my children - they are conservatives and I know you would tell them to go die somewhere because it would be conservative voices / votes gone. But don't you even care about your own kids?

If you do, you've a really strange way of showing it.

I have many friends who work for the federal government. My friends range from FBI and DEA agents, to military, to federal judges from the various districts. Of those I know, only one has said they will support obama this time.

It is my contention that only those who are intellectually challenged will support failure. Since there is no conceivable way that the past four years can be characterized as a success, and CAN be characterized as a resounding failure, I leave it to you to 'divine' the mental condition of the supporters of obama. If you cannot, simply look at Chris Matthews and listen to his remarks after the debate on Wednesday, and ask yourself - 'is this a rational person'...
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