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(The higher the taxes the grater the incentive to avoid them.)

[David Beckham] has strictly limited his contract to five months, kept his family based in London, and – most crucially of all – said that he will pay his nominal salary to charity.
All of this enables both Beckham and PSG to concentrate on making millions from the player's image rights and other commercial activities, while paying far smaller taxes abroad.

Mr Blanc said that 'we have already received a lot of requests' for Beckham's salary, and that 'we want to cause as little disappointment as possible.'

He also admitted that PSG wanted to keep government charges to a minimum, claiming that 'the largest possible amount' would go to a children's charity.

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No. of Recommendations: 1
A spokesman for the French Treasury said 'we cannot discuss individual cases', but confirmed that all 'high-worth' individuals working in France would be 'scrutinised'.

Well you have to give it to that bureaucrat for ensuring frictional heat is not mistaken for a warm welcome!
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