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Long story short, I have a long-term (several weeks, maybe a few months) house guest until his current search for an apartment is successful.

As I live in NYC, it would seem more obvious, but since I am not kin nor directly affected in any way, it is hard for me to find information about how to be a support. Aside from recommending outside therapy supports and related, I'd like to know what *I* can do at home until he gets his own housing again.

In brief, my request is if anyone here knows of articles, websites, or other for people (like myself) who want to be supportive of the emotional and related issues of someone still struggling with their diagnosis. He is 23 y.o. and diagnosed with HIV 2 years ago. He is healthy (t-cells above 500), but is easily fatigued. Deals with depression (obviously, or I wouldn't be on this board) and a lot of difficult transition issues of the last 6-12 months. But this kid, who I only met the night he came, is a fighter. He is sweet, gifted with a lot of creative ability, and a survivor of so much. And only rarely has shown his vulnerable side (of circumstance, I've seen him break down a couple of times, but otherwise only his best friend has seen his struggles). He isn't perfect - he is the FIRST to say this about himself, and worse - but he has so much wonderful stuff in himself.

And the other night, he said aloud, "I can't believe I have HIV."

Even if you don't have specific recommendations, some helpful thoughts or something appreciated.


Lois Carmen D.
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Just hugs.........

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I'd like to know what *I* can do at home until he gets his own housing again.

I think in general, this is likely to be different for everyone.
Some people want coddling & compassion when they are ill, others want to be left alone.

But a quick google for HIV support info NYC returned abundant results.
WHile an HIV diagnosis is still a serious condition, it is nothing near what an AIDS diagnosis was, and he could very well live a looooong and productive life with it.

Maybe just ask HIM - hey, if you are going to be here, I would like to be supportive, what would help?

peace & preferences
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