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Just because you can afford an expensive restaurant doesn't mean you have to. Sometimes, a low cost date can be the most rewarding.

In other words, keeping a date relatively inexpensive — but creative — can make it feel extra special and memorable.

Some of these ideas are really fun.
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Hubby and I try to get out for a 3 mile walk 4-5 days a week...depends on the weather this time of year. Great time to talk about the days events.

We hit the library once in a while but we like Barnes & Noble better. A couple cups of coffee and a stack of books by the fireplace and we're all set. We take turns discussing a subject of interest to each of us. (we have very diverse interests) We only buy something if we both agree it would be a good reference guide that we would read often. (usually in the financially or home catergories)

And since we like to eat out we usually go for breakfast. We share a meal (inexpensive) and very often go with friends. Much more relaxing in our opinion that an evening meal.
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