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DH had some contested dental work this year, which we finally gave up on and paid for ourselves. He then submitted the receipt to FSA which gave us the $500 back. Then we find out the dentist submitted the claim for the 3rd time, and lo and behold the insurance co finally pays up. Now what do we do? The dentist will pay us back the $500 we gave him, but we only have until the end of the year to draw down the account before we lose it. Unlike our last company, there is no three month grace period, allowing us to submit claims for the first quarter of the new year against old balances.

We have already received the check for $500 from the FSA account. I assume it has to be returned? How the heck do you do that? Or can the dentist simply keep the $500 towards future work? As much as DH grinds his teeth, he's bound to need more crowns going forward.

hoping for a simpler 2012
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