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While doing a search for "Scrabble" and "blog" I found the blog of Kristen Williams, whose parents do PR for Milton Bradley.

Some goodies:
"Every year Milton Bradley would send
a giant care package to our house full of Milton Bradley
related products such as board games, puzzles, etc.
We own every game imaginable. Too bad we all hate
playing games."

"People that attend these [National SCRABBLE(R) Championships] are teachers, scientists, construction workers, musicians, painters, comedians-there is even a professional playing Scrabble stripper."

"I once wrote a story for a magazine about working one
of these tournaments in Las Vegas. It involved a room full
of Scrabble playing virgins, an Elvis look alike and $50K. "

I am so tempted to make a joke about virgins flocking to Las Vegas to play SCRABBLE(R)...
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