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Sorry if this is not an appropriate request, but I am looking for any tips or guidelines.

A friend of mine passed away a couple of weeks ago and I received a note from her husband about it (he didn't have my phone #). My friend died after complications from surgery, which was supposed to be routine.

He (and the rest of the extended family) are struggling with the funeral expenses as they were already under financial stress (both older, disabled, still fighting for a workers comp, SSD application and related). Since I did not want to stress him out on the details, but apparently the local funeral home director got them with a rather extravagant package and they, unfortunately, owe about $4,000 or so. (They have had some contributions from eligible organizations already and a retirement fund.) They will only give a total of 30 days and it is already two weeks since the funeral.

Does anyone here know of specific tips, ideas, or whatever to get donations towards the funeral? I am willing to write letters, phone calls, whatever I can do to help them cover the funeral expenses.

Thank you.

Lois Carmen D.
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Some cities, newspaper and radio stations have Wish lists to support community members going through a
difficult time during the holiday season. Especially during the holiday season, people might feel more
sympathetic to the situation.
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If you are a veteran, as I am, <1968-1972> the Veteran's Administration will help with final expenses. It is silly to spend big $$ on a funeral. Cremation is usually a lower-cost option as well.

Once again, Kahuna drops by to offer useless information almost a year later. Care to share your investment advise for 2008 as well?

I get the feeling it is the TMF version of being RickRolled.
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