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I'm trying to remember the vehicles you worked on. The Fusion was one, wasn't it? Good job!

And that brings us back to the Fusion, which I judge to be, now, the best car in the segment: best-looking, best-screwed-together, most likely to appeal to grown-ups. Look, it's no Maserati—nor, despite eyewitness reports, an Aston Martin—but the Fusion is the rare family car that can ignite any kind of sustained desire. Heavy industry rarely comes with quite so much lyricism and shrewd aesthetic judgment.

High praise from this particular writer:

He practically gushes. It's been syndicated in a few places. I also saw one on Marketwatch.

As an aside, the guy's a human thesaurus. When was the last time you saw the word "fey" used to describe an automobile???

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I'm trying to remember the vehicles you worked on. The Fusion was one, wasn't it? Good job! -- Peter

I was the lead for the vehicle architecture on the original Fusion and MKZ (then known as the Zephyr). I only had a minor role in the current Fusion and MKZ, spending far more time on the new Escape. Also worked a bit on the Focus, the Taurus (current one), the original D-platform cars (then the Five Hundred and Freestyle) which form the basis for all the big cars now. And, I worked on the Lincoln LS.... which was a monumental project for Ford at the time. The LS provided some of the basis for the current Mustang.

Never did any work on the trucks.

I think the new Fusion is pretty good, although I think they still need to improve the craftsmanship (fit of parts, feel of switches primarily), improve sight lines to the outside, spend money on more adjustability of the headrests, spend money on better sun visors with extensions and offer a higher performance version for crazy people like me. LOL

Despite the above "shortcomings", I think it's a superior car in it's segment, comparing pretty well to a lot of more premium makes, including Lexus, Infiniti and Acura. Not up to Audi, IMO. Not up to MB or BMW..... but you can almost buy two Fusions for one of those! LOL

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