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Happy New Year! I have enjoyed posting these digests for you and hope you have enjoyed reading them. Please feel free to provide some feedback so I can serve you better in 2013.

Everyone Thinks About Changing Careers
Most people have thought about changing jobs. But what if you’re someone who has been doing a job for what seems like forever? Someone with a truly unique set of skills? Someone like -- Santa Claus.

Even those of us with great jobs occasionally wonder if the grass is greener. So it stands to reason the big guy in red -- who has been doing the same gig for quite a while now -- might be a little bored with dashing, dancing and prancing across the globe every Christmas Eve. But even if he could find someone else to make the toys, drive the sleigh and tend to the reindeer, what the heck would he do in his newfound profession?

Although Santa has a distinguished resume, there are still certain jobs that would not be a good fit. It’s safe to say the mass consumption of cookies and sweets over the years rules out things like dietitian and nutritionist. And while we fully respect Santa’s body of work, it’ll be difficult to get work as a personal trainer with that body.

So what’s left? We took a break from our number-crunching, had a little fun, and combed our database of more than 4,000 jobs to come up with a few suggestions.

10 Bad Habits to Leave Behind in the New Year
In order to make room for the great new work habits you’re resolving to adopt on January 1st, be sure to ring out any bad office practices. And, yes, procrastination is on the list, so reading this now instead of later is a great first step in the right direction.

Here are some tips for banishing common office behaviors that can get in the way of success.

Nine Mistakes You're Making On LinkedIn
Lots of articles describe how to create a more marketable LinkedIn profile, how to find the right groups to join, how to choose the best profile photo... I should know, I've written about that. Oh, and that. Yep, and that too.

Since most people understand the value of taking those steps, let's go deeper. To really harness the power of LinkedIn, don't make these mistakes:

Turbo Charge Your Job Search with 12 Easy Networking Tips
Not only are jobs scarce these days, but those that do exist are highly competitive. Whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job, or whether you want to continue to successfully climb the ladder, successful job search networking can give you a leg up on your competitors.

This article explores 12 tips designed to help you become a more effective networker.

Which Careers Have the Brightest Future?
Everyone wants a little job security. But in these turbulent times filled with massive changes, how can any of us know if our careers are on solid ground?

Luckily, the Bureau of Labor Statistics crunched some numbers and came out with employment projections to the year 2020. So which jobs are the safest bets? The aging population of Baby Boomers put more than a few health care careers on this list, but check out other popular options amongst the fastest growing occupations of the future.

12 Ways To Advance Your Career In 5 Minutes Or Less
A proactive approach to long-term goals is necessary for career advancement. And, while it's important to focus on the big steps that will help you climb the corporate ladder, don't forget that small actions can have a big impact too.

This article explores 12 things you can do in five minutes or less to advance your career.

Who hopes everyone has a wonderful 2013, both personally and professionally...
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