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Forester Research surveyed 10,000 information workers across 16 countries and found the future for Windows tablets was bright.

32% desire a Windows tablet as their next work tablet. This compares to 26% for iOS and 12% for Android.

That 32% translates to 200 million Windows tablets.

The future for Windows Phone as a work smartphone is not quite as bright but not bad either.

10% desire a WP for their next work phone (3% currently use it). iPhone was 33% and Android 22%. Blackberry sat at 7% which is the same percentage that currently use it according to the survey.

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It'd be interesting to know if there's any history between these types of surveys and whether the responses actually relate to sales in any way.

I can say I "desire" something for my next work device, but if my company's the one in charge of getting it, then it doesn't matter much what I desire.

I desire for my next car to be a brand new $40,000 vehicle, but I know it will probably be a used $10-20,000 vehicle.

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