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This is more of a biographical FAQ than a strict, literal, actual, FAQ, intended to artistically express the entire history of the Gamblin' Fools board in one convenient place. It's entitled: 'Debates Less Productive than the Death Penalty' a play in one part.

I co-opted this idea from coralville, truth be told.

Act I

Heihojin: "Welcome to the board! Any Poker Players?"

Leehjones: "Enough about Poker. I propose we start an endless debate that spans hundred of posts while making little to no progress."

Knudsendd: "As crazy as this sounds, I can usually tell when such an endless debate is about to start."

Heihojin: "Nonsense. Endless debates are random events. Besides, you can't have an endless debate in only hundreds of posts."

Trick: "This's a common fallacy, heyho. You're comparing protons to neutrons. The rules of inifinity don't apply to only a few posts."

Raken: "I knew an Egyptian fly fisherman who had a method to consistently produce endless debates in only two or three posts. I'll prove it if I ever translate those Hieroglyphic records he sent me."

JKorenthal: "That's sounds unusual. If you ever translate the metholodogy, post it, and I'll develop a small consortium of artificial robots to run the infinite algorithm over a set number of posts!"

Heihojin: "This is ridiculous. It is statistically impossible to have an infinite debate in a limited number of posts. Can we please talk about poker?"

Trick: "Statistics have nothing to do with this. You're looking at it from TMF's perspective. Over time, they will never have an endless debate on their site, because there are only a finite number of posts and the sample size is large enough to apply statistics. But any given poster can have an infinite debate and then simply walk away."

Heihojin: "What hapened to LeehJones?"

Raken: "Binghamton Rangers are scrimmaging intra-squad tonight. Anyone giving 2?"

Trick: "Fat chance Raken. The Rangers are on a roll."

JKorenthal: "That's impossible. Minor league hockey games are independent. Here, I'll write a short 80000 line program an prove it. There. See?"

Trick: "Exactly. But that doesn't prove that you can't play the rolls."

JKorenthal: "Arg! What do you mean? I quit my job to write that program."

Trick: "It's only one game. Expected outcome has nothing to do with the actual results."

Howardroark: "So you're saying that if Bighamton Rangers played the Gardner Brothers in only one game, we'd have no information that would help us predict the outcome?"

Raken: "Let's cut the fancy verbiage. Information can mean anything. I once parlayed a dime I found at Harrah's into two Buffet's and a Starlight Express showing."

Trick: "What if I offered to pay you a dollar to pick the winner of Rangers or the Gardner brothers, and if you lost I could stick you with a shank? Woud you do it?"

Howardroark: "Of course not. (.003423^87)/432.33+4323-.0063)/433^#@$@!#) = -.001. But that's because you invoked a steeper penalty, which changed my expected outcome."

Trick: "This is Hockey, Howard! Penalties have nothing to do with it."

JKorenthal: "Hey, let's not get testy. Anyone know any good Gamblin' Tunes?"

Trick: I'm not testy, moron. You people will never get it. Statistics has nothing to do with one Rangers game. The Rangers can stop playing at any time, like LeehJones.

Heihojin: Any poker players?

Albaby1: Hey folks. Anyone know the odds of having an endless debate in a single post?

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