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Has anyone ever heard of this guy? I was talking with a guy this weekend from N.C. and he swears by this guy. I have googled his name and seems he teaches this course about trading and the people that take it have nothing but positive things to say.?? Apparantly for a while you could only take the course in person in N.C. but know you can do it online??
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Well, I don't about anybody else, but if I had a trading strategy that
was really good, the last thing I would do is teach it to anybody
else. I'd sit at my bloomberg terminal and trade the world markets
18 hours a day.

The hedge fund manager I know won't even talk about generalities,
much less specific trading strategies.

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I took classes from Gary back in 2006 and 2007 when he was teaching live classes. Gary does not present any information that you can't find elsewhere in books or online. He just sums it all up and adds his own little twist. There is no scam here, it is an educational class. I paid about 550 for a 5 week class (w/ a free retake). He teaches the basics of technical analysis using several different indicators and time frames, and this is all wrapped around his 25 year knowledge of the market.

There are no tricks, just hard work, research (on your own), and discipline. Gary provides suggested reading material to further your education. Also he requires you to practice trade for one year before ever putting a single dime in the market, because he has seen so many people get hurt (including himself) by not understanding the game before they step into the arena.

Gary is a professional trader that has decided to spread his knowledge to those who are willing to learn and work. Don't get me wrong, he teaches the classes to make money and he will tell you that and he treats it like a business.

I used to follow the market very little and then a friend told me about the classes, so I signed up. Now I trade the market weekly successfully, but I still have losses here and there---but what trader doesn't?. The amount of money I saved/made in 2008 alone has paid for the classes 20 times over, mainly just by paying attention and shutting out the noise and relying on the knowledge I gained in the classes.

These classes are a great tool for people who have a small knowledge base of how to trade, but I think that there is something in the classes for everyone to learn. If you do decide to take them--just go in with an open mind.

I forgot to mention that 65% of the class is structured around options strategies, and the remainder of it is long term investing and stock strategies.

Hope this helps.
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Yes, you can do it online now. The site is called Achievers choice quest, it should come up at top. I took the class twice in 2007. The good thing then, not sure if you can do it now, was that you could pay $100, sit thru the first class before you parted with the other $800 for the other 4 classes.
For me, this was money well spent, even though I don't do it anymore. It requires a lot of work. There's research, a book list, practice trading...It's not a get-rich-quick scheme and he's very upfront about how much work it takes and the fact that you will continue to lose money, just not as much and your gains can be more consistent.
If you have anymore questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
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I am looking to purchase a set of Gary Williams' Wall Street Basics Seminar CDs. I am an over-the-road truck driver and cannot foresee that I will ever be able to attend a class of his. I have plenty of time to listen to CDs on the road, but don't have the availability to attend in person. Thus, I must have the CDs as opposed to attending a seminar.

Let me know how many CDs you have and your asking price.

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re: 4 hour werk week
re: MDP
re: simplicity
re: tyme
re: tetter totter principle
re: FREE for lack of a better werd than paying through the nose.


After perusing information on the GOOG (google) about GW and his B/S, I believe that 80% that take these courses will fail. I therefore think you will be wasting your time, energy and money on OPTIONS. Options are not for very one.

How would you like to werk only 4 hours per week or shorter investing in porfolio's that trade long or short. However, one of the three porfolio's trade longs and shorts via the Tetter Totter principle hassle free as well as Obama proof, recession proof and idiot proof.

Here is a sample keeping simplicity in mind with only a few rules to follow for FREE. selling on or about October 18th. a kwik snap shot. It only takes 300 nanoseconds (a blink of an eye) to make an informed decision. That freakin simple.

turn around and Buy with TQQQ's principle plus profits and then buy buying on or about October 22nd. Note ! it is still climbing as of today 11/16/2012. a kwik snap shot

repeat the cycle when the cross overs (xovers) occur. Just be the spider and wait for the prey to come to you.

let's look at DIG/DUG tetter totter pair. what do we do on the 18th. what do we do on the 22nd.

Being a trucker driving long hours on the road along route 66 et. al., all you have do is pull over 'bween 8:50am and 10:15am Easter Standard Time and review on your IPhone or IPad the charts as noted above to make an informed decision. If there nothing do do that day, Just call it a day and jam the gear box into furst and be on your way. Repeat the process the next business day.

Let's peruse the following project what werks for me. a teaching tool on basic Swing Trading.

or if you like, start creating a "Perpetual Income" folder for income coming in for the rest of your life.

Done all the research and peruse at your leisure.

Hope this can help and enjoy your journey. If you need more help in setting up the kwik snap shot charts folder, just yell.

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living.

ps. the above mess was setup for stay at home moms who can't find a job and want to invest and retire wealthy.
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After perusing information on the GOOG (google) about GW and his B/S, I believe that 80% that take these courses will fail. I therefore think you will be wasting your time, energy and money on OPTIONS. Options are not for very one.


I think your estimate of the success/failure rate is optimistic. 'Investing' (aka, 'trading', 'speculating', 'gambling') is a business, and the 1-year and 5-year failure rates aren't favorable for start-ups. As to GW specifically, here's a detailed review.

It is late so I will try to be brief, but it will be hard. I have lots of mixed feelings about Gary.

But first:
- I trade for a living, MBA, etc. - but futures only - 5 yrs
- I took his entire basic 5 session program three times (lots of info to digest in his 4-5 hour sessions)
- took several one-off classes on advanced topics
- took the advanced program ($7500) twice : 12 meetings, 4 hours each, 1 per month

The good:
- I use many of his basic teachings in my daily habits and strategies now, but totally differently and for futures, not options
- amazing marketeer, self promoter, no one sells the dream of riches better than this guy, and I do mean NO ONE
- extremely interesting and persuasive speaker
- geniunely appears to want to help those in financial distress and believes that he can
- massive amounts of info on trading options boiled down in lay terms
- I have ZERO doubt he personally made millions trading options starting from nearly scratch. Seen his house and have several friends that know him well. Believe he made most in the late nineties.
- I learned a ton from him that I still use today, including market timing, chart reading, advanced options strategies, numerous techniques and strategies, discipline, intensity etc.
- generally teaches very conservative techniques - nothing too exotic or risky
- stresses practice, practice, practice
- overall, can't complain too much about the cost per hour of his training and overall value received

The bad:
- he has some serious ego and control problems that keep him from hearing student feedback
- grossly over-estimates his ability to teach the "art" of trading that he has learned over the past 20 years to total trading newbies
- he doesn't trade nearly as much as he use to and doesn't realized how dated much of his stuff is now
- is the master of showing trades that would have worked after the fact
- sometimes represents or implies that he took a trade that he didn't - we caught him many times contradicting himself
- claims < 5% of his trades are losers (only after being confronted aggressively by several of us did he admit that he does not count small losing trades as losers)
- is 110% against collaborating with other traders or varying from his rules
- doesn't teach money management well at all - says cuts all losers immediately while also preaching patience and giving trades times to work by focusing on the indicators and not the price action resulting in every holding onto trades until it is too late.
- does not teach fixed stop losses!
- uses religion to build his credibility and customer base

The ugly:
- by nature of his style and word of mouth marketing, he has taken money from literally thousands of elderly (>60 yo) folks who don't have the money to lose over the past 10 yrs
- I have interacted with probably hundred or so folks over the years that have taken his classes, NOT ONE achieved anywhere near the results he promised on a sustained basis (more than a year), many quit their jobs, lost their money and then had to go crawling back to work
- he clearly and liberally threatens lawsuits agaist anyone that speaks out against him, he aggressively pursues sites and threads that discuss him and seems to be effective at getting them removed

In sum, he teaches a lot of really really solid options basics and strategies. But he does not teach enough for the average person of average wealth to make 5-25% a month consistently as he claims. And worse, he discourages you from trying anyone else, ever, for any reason.

So, if your friend is one of the fortunate .1% that make it from rags to riches under Gary he will be happy. Otherwise, he will spend a lot and learn a lot, but in the end realize there is much else to learn - hopefully he will still have some money and self confidence left to do so. That's the only reason I survived GW.

Disclaimer: the above represents my personal experiences and observations and beliefs. I cannot prove many of my comments, they are just highly educated guesses from a studious, thoughtful, and concerned former student of Gary Williams.


My takeaway? The basics of investing/trading never change, because human nature never changes. You and a counter-party are making bets with each other, and one of you will be wrong. Your job is to ensure, on average and over the long haul, it's him, not you. The specifics of the bets change, but not the dynamics of the betting process, and those dynamics are amply described in the classic trading literature, free on the shelves of your local library.

What isn't free or easy is putting those insights to work. To become a a journeyman plumber requires a four-year apprenticeship program of 200 hours of classroom instruction per year, plus 8,000 hours of directed work experience, plus a final written and practical exam. Few would-be investors want to make that kind of effort. No successful investor hasn't.

As the reviewer documents, GW's courses (or similar) can be helpful. But the real determinate of success is the passion to succeed, and then the years and years of practice and effort.

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