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The Boy did not make it to the nationals, but he did finish in the top 28. Not the top 28%, the top 28 statewide. He missed one question: Which country has the larger industrial commercial fishing industry, Bangladesh or Peru?*

Before the qualifying round started, the college provost gave them a speech. Every kid who made it there would receive a t-shirt and a certificate of honor from the National Geographic Society. This is not a T-ball trophy. Of the tens of thousands of kids who competed at the school level, only thousands made it to the state level. Of the thousands of kids who made it to the state level, only 105 made it to the qualifying level. The certificate was acknowledgment that every kid in that auditorium literally beat out at least 1,000 of his or her peers to get there.

Of the 105 who made it to the qualifying level, only ten could go to the state finals, and of those ten only one could go to the Nationals. So, eleven kids scored perfect, 17 missed one. Other than The Boy, I saw three other boys with Asperger's.

Congratulations to everyone who made it that far.

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Congrats and may he find an awesome place to use this skill in the future!!

Thanks for encouraging him.

See if he can find "Flat, Texas".
(a friend moved there).

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